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Reliable communication

Increase the availability of your application – with high-performance data interfaces.

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  • Fieldbus communication
    Fieldbus communication

    Universal communication with Phoenix Contact interface devices

  • Industrial Ethernet
    Industrial Ethernet

    Design your infrastructure flexibly, quickly, and consistently. Not a problem when you base your automation network on Industrial Ethernet.

  • Industrial Wireless
    Industrial Wireless

    Reliable and efficient data transmission – without high-maintenance cables. Benefit from the advantages of high-performance wireless technology for your application.

  • Products by protocols
    Products by protocols

    Fieldbus components and systems reduce cabling effort in your systems and save time during planning and installation.

  • Remote communication
    Remote communication

    Access machines and systems worldwide via telecommunications networks quickly and without interference.

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Thanks to industrial communication technology from Phoenix Contact, you can increase the degree of automation of your systems. We offer a comprehensive range of high-performance interface devices which meet the high demands of modern applications.

Your advantages

  • Everything from a single source: Industrial communication via copper, fiber optics, and wireless
  • Superior system availability with robust and interference-free networks
  • Enhanced range and speed with high-performance communication interfaces to meet the most stringent of demands

Industrial Ethernet

Industrial Ethernet components  

Industrial Ethernet components

In the age of digitalization and smart production, Industrial Ethernet enables powerful and consistent communication networks and easy network management. The ideal concept and the right components protect your system against automation system failures and costly downtimes.

Industrial Ethernet products from Phoenix Contact give you the maximum level of freedom in designing your networks.

Industrial Wireless

Industrial Wireless wireless systems  

Industrial Wireless wireless systems

Industrial Wireless enables secure and reliable wireless connections for industrial use. The requirements on wireless systems are, however, as diverse as the applications in an industrial environment. Phoenix Contact therefore offers a broad range of products and technologies.

Depending on requirements, use WLAN or Bluetooth for real-time communication, Trusted Wireless for large distances, or NearFi for the contactless transmission of power and data across short distances (near field).

Remote communication

Devices for remote communication  

Devices for remote communication

The availability and future capability of your machines and systems are conditions for a successful digital revolution. For that your machines to be able to communicate worldwide, our industrial remote communication system allows access and continuous process data monitoring from a central point.

Our comprehensive portfolio provides you with the ideal transmission technology, from efficient remote maintenance and continuous data transmission for remote control technology all the way to automatic early warning messages.

Fieldbus communication

Interface devices for fieldbus communication  

Fieldbus communication

In light of the growing variety of industry-specific application demands, the fieldbus interface devices from Phoenix Contact facilitate robust, powerful, and stable networks in copper and fiber optics. These help create interference-free fieldbus solutions that provide a secure and reliable way of supplying your application with data.

Which transmission medium is the right one?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements:

  • If you want to bridge large distances, fiber optics are recommended.
  • If installing cables is too expensive or not possible, wireless interfaces are an option for short and medium distances.
  • If no communication lines are available, existing cellular networks provide a good alternative.

Whatever medium you choose, we can offer you the right solution.


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Everything for industrial networks

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Everything for industrial networks
Industrial networks

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Start up a complete wireless system easily.

The Radioline wireless system
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