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Buildings are becoming smarter- whether that be a new building or if we want to consider retrofitting an existing building.  The technology that is being implemented to drive new building management systems, and the hardware that is used, is evolving at a staggering pace. 

We are all now very familiar with the buzz phrases like “The Internet of things” and how devices can share data with each other due to the standardisation of data types and how they transmit. Phoenix Contact looks at all aspects from the controller for building infrastructure to building management systems but we also look at innovative pcb connectivity solutions to the device manufacturer market.

For areas such as security management systems, lighting systems, renewable energy and many more, we have the right products to match those needs.



Looking to design a new device?  Need internal board to board connectivity? With an intergrated double-sided contact system, the FINEPITCH series offers the ideal solution for industrial PCB connections for high position applications in both 1.27 and 0.8mm pitch.  You get maximum flexibility when it comes to arranging the PCBs for board to board applications and the wide range of enables space-saving signal and data transmission in both shielded and unshielded variants.

Device manufacturers

pcb connectors

Plug-in connectors and PCB terminal blocks rank among the key elements in device manufacturing. They must not only be reliable, but, within the scope of miniaturisation, also increasingly smaller and more robust. In addition, they must be easy to handle and feature new options for device design.

As has been demonstrated on many occasions, the Phoenix Contact connection solutions rank among the most innovative in the market and set new standards with regard to transmitting signals, data, and power.

Connection technology for SMT production

Connection technology for SMT production

The use of a fully automated assembly process with SMT lines is a cost-effective and fast production process. For this, Phoenix Contact offers reflow-solderable plug-in connectors and PCB terminal blocks – directly tailored to the process in terms of design, the selection of materials, and packaging form.

PRC plastic round connectors

PRC plastic round connectors

High power in a small space. The compact PRC circular connectors are up to 75% smaller than other power connectors offering similar specifications and are ideally suited for use in harsh environments, thanks to the use of weatherproof materials, offering up to IP69K protection.


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