Save time with toolfox

Save time with TOOLfox

For a limited time we have lowered our prices on all tools that save you time

So not only can you make a saving on these selected tools but you can make a huge time saving on your production for the future.

*Offers valid until 31st December 2021

Battery-powered screwdriver set

Battery-powered screwdriver set

Cordless screwdriver set in case, includes two batteries and charger, 230 V, 3 bits, two-speed gear, forward, reverse running, and 21-stage clutch up to 600 rpm, hexagonal quick connection drill chuck, integrated light, protective cap to prevent unintentional torque adjustment.

Product Code1212530  Price: £313

Battery-powered screwdriver set

Battery-powered screwdriver set

Cordless screwdriver in case, including battery, charging device 100 ... 240 V, 2 bits, two-speed gearbox, forward/reverse running and 16-stage clutch up to 450 rpm, hexagonal fast connection.

Product code:  1200295  Price: £111

Crimpfox 4in1 set

Crimpfox 4in1 set

Tool for processing ferrules according to DIN 46228-4, 0.5 mm² to 2.5 mm², equipped with pressure lock, cutting, stripping, twisting, and crimping unit, with three magazines including a strip each of ferrules from 0.5 mm² ... 2.5 mm², packaged in a robust plastic case

Product code: 1200102  Price: £187

CF 500 Electrical crimping tool

CF 500

Universal electric crimper to take dies for a wide variety of contact elements

Prodcut Code: 1208348 Price: £2,577

CF 3000 Electrical crimping tool

CF 3000

Stripping and crimping device, 230 V version, for taped insulated ferrules 0.25 ... 2.5 mm², sleeve length 8 mm, incl. conversion kits 0.5 ... 2.5 mm²

Product Code: 1205477  Price: £4,547

CF 1000 electro-pneumatic crimping tool


Stripping and crimping device, 100 - 240 V input voltage, for insulated ferrules with a cross-section range of 0.25 - 4.0 mm², according to DIN 46228-4: 1990-09, incl. 0.5 - 1.5 mm² conversion kits (6 - 12 mm sleeve length)

Product code: 1208199 Price: £9,070

WF 1000 Stripping machine

WF 1000 Stripping machine

Stripping machine with integrated graphic display, for conductors and cables up to 6 mm in diameter, 230 V version

Product Code: 1212149  Price: £2,762

CUTFOX 10 cable-cutting tool

Cutfox 10

Automatic cutting device for cables, litz wires, and shrink sleeves, for 100 - 240 V mains voltage

Product code: 1206829 Price: £2,330

PPS COMPACT- Din Rail Cutter


Profile cutter, for cutting standard DIN rails NS 35/7,5 and NS 35/15 to length

Product code: 1104980 Price: £486

PPS CD M Cable Duct Cutter


Cable duct cutter, for burr-free cutting cable ducts and their covers, can be used up to a width of 125 mm

Product code: 1207569  Price: £619

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