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Compact DIN rail cutter for professional use


Cut DIN rails to size directly on site with the mobile DIN rail cutter  

Compact DIN rail cutter for swarf and burr-free DIN rail cutting

You can use the portable PPS COMPACT DIN rail cutter from Phoenix Contact to cut DIN rails to size quickly, easily, and safely.

The lever mechanism is designed to save effort and separates the DIN rails without swarf or burrs. Reworking is therefore not necessary. You can use the stop on the measuring rail to set the precise length for repeat-accurate profile processing. Along with the measuring rail that displays the length in inches and mm, you can also adapt a tape measure. The PPS COMPACT DIN rail cutter is suitable for conventional NS 35/7,5 DIN rails made of steel, copper, aluminum, and V2A, and for NS 35/15 DIN rails made of steel, copper, and aluminum.

Due to its low weight, you can use it for flexible working in the workshop and on site. You can either screw the DIN rail cutter permanently in place on the work surface, clamp it in a vise, or temporarily fix it in place using the G clamp from the Phoenix Contact accessories range. The robust DIN rail cutter is made of high-quality, low-wear components and features a long service life in everyday work applications.


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