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PLC which supports functional expansion – the flexible control solution for every type of system.

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With its modular programmable logic controllers, Phoenix Contact offers a large PLC portfolio to meet every requirement. Design your tailor-made automation solution.

Almost all of the modular controllers are also available with an extended temperature range for extreme temperatures.

Your advantages

  • Maximum flexibility – special function and I/O modules can be mounted side by side depending on the application
  • Communicative, thanks to integrated, freely programmable web server and large variety of interfaces and protocols
  • Tailor-made performance – thanks to the large controller class portfolio
  • Durable, thanks to the solid housing and EMI-resistant electronics

Axiocontrol – fast, robust, easy

Modular Axiocontrol controllers  

Axiocontrol: modular controllers for complex systems

The controllers in the Axiocontrol range (AXC) are the ideal solution when it comes to high demands on performance and robustness. Together with the Axioline F I/O system from Phoenix Contact, Axiocontrol controllers offer maximum speed thanks to direct bus connection. 

  • Choose the AXC 1050 for small to medium-sized automation tasks and benefit from the Axioline F local bus, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, and an integrated UPS, for example.
  • The AXC 3050 is the ideal controller for medium-sized to complex applications in which networking options as well as a particularly short processing and response speed are required.

Inline controllers – proven flexibility

Inline controllers: modular controllers  

The standard among modular PLCs: ILC controllers

Inline controllers (ILC) are the proven standard in Phoenix Contact's PLC portfolio. The controllers support all common communication paths, such as Ethernet, mobile communication or fixed-line network. In addition, they can be easily extended with Inline I/O modules and offer an integrated web server. 

  • Class 100 Inline controllers are at the heart of the Easy Automation system. The controllers can communicate with numerous fieldbus devices in Ethernet-based networks via the PROFINET and Modbus/TCP protocols without any additional programming. The parameterization memory can be extended with an SD card in order to quickly and easily integrate additional user libraries with function blocks.
  • Class 300 Inline controllers meet high demands in terms of data throughput and networking. You can therefore reliably control medium-sized to large applications, such as those based on PROFINET.

ME versions – perfect for machine building

Modular controller for machine building  

The most important machine building functions in a compact device

The ME versions of our ILC controllers have been specifically developed for the requirements of machine building. For example, for addressing drives via step motor drivers or frequency inverters.

The controllers offer all the functions of ILC class 100 and come with pre-installed functions for machine building.

This means that various drive types can be controlled and sensors can be connected without any additional external modules. Depending on the version, analog or incremental input channels can be used for position detection.

Maximum flexibility for building infrastructure

ILC 2050 BI product image  

The Inline controller for building infrastructure

The ILC 2050 BI is the new Inline controller for building infrastructure. It offers a virtually unlimited variety of applications, for example, in building and industrial automation, controlling networked properties or in data centers.

The software also opens up a wide range of applications. Do you use the device as a room controller on site? Then program the controller with the real-time-capable Sedona Framework™. For use as an integration server in the field of building infrastructure, benefit from the high-performance Niagara Framework® during the configuration.

Easy Automation – automation with the modular class 100 controllers

Easy Automation system  

The Easy Automation system

Modular class 100 small-scale controllers are at the heart of the Easy Automation system from Phoenix Contact. As the interface between the control center and I/O level, they efficiently control the data flow within your system.

With class 100, easy automation includes: intuitive programming with free PC WORX EXPRESS software, free visualization with WebVisit Express, flexible expansion with Inline I/O modules, and high function density at a fair price.

PROFINET starter kit - for a fast introduction to automation

PROFINET starter kit  

PROFINET starter kit

The PROFINET starter kit is the cost-efficient introduction for anyone curious to learn the advantages of PROFINET technology. The kit contains all the components required for designing a test application. These include, for example, an Axioline controller, I/O modules of the Axioline system, a power supply as well as the PC Worx programming software. This lets you build your own test and learning application.


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