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Cloud computing is the intelligent networking of business processes, things, systems, components, and people. Proficloud from Phoenix Contact provides you with a holistic professional cloud solution for automation, tailored to your needs – from smart devices, through the appropriate IoT platform, all the way to Smart Services.

Your advantages

  • Smooth entry into the world of digitalization with little outlay on your part with ready-to-use IoT solutions from Phoenix Contact
  • Flexible access to data anytime, anywhere with Proficloud Smart Services
  • Easy extendibility and scalability thanks to dynamic IT resources that can be quickly and individually tailored to market requirements
  • Secure communication between the smart devices and Proficloud using TLS encryption

Smart Services – the growth driver behind Industry 4.0

Application example  

New value creation potential with Smart Services from Phoenix Contact

Prepare yourself for the fourth industrial revolution and open up new value creation potential in your company with smart devices and Smart Services from Phoenix Contact.

The focus of our Smart Services is on you as the user. Unlock the full potential of your data using cross-location networking, easy-to-follow visualization concepts, and extensive analyzes, such as machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance. Benefit at the same time from the dynamic release cycles to ensure the agile adaptation, extension, and scaling of the IoT platform and the Smart Services in line with the challenges of the market.

Device Management Service – the standard for all smart devices from Phoenix Contact

Smart device maintenance and monitoring via the Device Management Service  

Device Management Service as the standard for smart devices from Phoenix Contact

Manage and monitor your smart devices from Phoenix Contact at any time and from anywhere with the Device Management Service. You have a direct overview of device information, such as the device type, serial number, and installed firmware and hardware version, in the form of a digital rating plate. In addition, the state of health (SoH) and connection status, plus current and historical logs, are always available at a glance.

You can keep your smart device firmware up to date very easily. This guarantees that you can use the latest smart device features immediately and that your machines and systems are permanently protected.

ImpulseCheck – the intelligent assistance system for surge protection

ImpulseCheck assistance system for surge protection  

Predictive maintenance with ImpulseCheck

Keeping the pulse of your system

ImpulseCheck is the world's first intelligent assistance system for surge protection in the field of mains protection. The module allows you to measure the state of health (SoH) of every single protective device via cloud connection and provides new digital services.

Benefit from predictive maintenance: Thanks to real-time measurement of surge currents and transient overvoltages, you can continuously monitor the condition of the system and the surge protection. This makes the remaining life expectancy (state of health) of the protective devices transparent, enabling maintenance work to be scheduled.

Directly to the cloud with EMpro – without using a gateway

Directly to the cloud with EMpro – without using a gateway  

Worldwide access to measurement and component data

Access your measured data and component data anywhere in the world, without using an additional IoT gateway. You won’t need an IoT gateway to aggregate data, to convert between local network protocols and IoT protocols, or for encryption. The IoT-capable EMpro device is able to transfer its data directly and securely to the cloud using a router.


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