Sensor/actuator cabling

Sensor/actuator cabling

Reliable in the field

Connect your sensors and actuators quickly and safely in the field. We provide consistent product ranges for passive field cabling.

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Safeguard the operation of your systems: With a complete range of products and solutions for connecting sensors and actuators.Whether for standard applications or cabling in demanding industries and special applications. Take advantage of the compact circular connectors for your interfaces and media: For signals, data, and power.We provide you with all numbers of positions and codings in one standard pin connector pattern. In addition to connectors designed for assembly and assembled cables, the product range also includes device connectors and distributors. 

Your advantages

  • Complete product range offering sizes from M8 to M12 provide flexibility
  • Quick and reliable connection even in confined spaces with M12 push-pull connectors
  • Advanced Shielding Technology provides a totally protected and reliable shield connection, even under extreme environmental conditions
  • Save space with high-position connectors
  • Convenient: Increased machine availability with quick and easy diagnostics

Minimal effort required

With M12 distributor boxes and distributors, many field components can be wired quickly and clearly  

Easy signal distribution in the field

With pluggable sensor/actuator cabling, you can save the time and cost involved in carrying out laborious single wiring in the field. Standardized interfaces ensure convenient and fast installation without mechanical effort.


Unique variety

Unique variety  

All numbers of positions and codings in one standard pin connector pattern

M8 and M12 connectors have become established as the standard for industry. Our product range for signals, data, and power extends the field of application, and its variety is unrivaled on the market. Benefit from the advantages offered and choose Phoenix Contact, the market leader in connection technology.

Your advantages

  • All in a compact design – from safe and fast data transmission and high-position signal transmission to innovative M12 POWER cabling
  • Consistent cabling for all interfaces from field level to the device
  • Reliable use with robust designs and high-quality materials with IP65/IP67 degree of protection

M8 cabling solutions for Single Pair Ethernet

M8 cabling solutions for Single Pair Ethernet  

M8 cabling solutions for Single Pair Ethernet

Ethernet is the leading communications protocol for local data networks (LAN). With the advent of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE), this established protocol is now also moving down to the final automation levels. The single-pair, standardized data cabling transmits data at speeds up to 1 Gbps and power up to 60 W easily over a range of up to 1,000 m. Compact M8 connectors in male and female versions allow easy integration into conventional sensors, and you can also use them the realize flying leads. SPE therefore forms the basis for future-proof networking, from the sensor right through to the cloud.

M12 PUSH-PULL – the new standard for factory automation

M12 connectors with push-pull fast-locking system  

M12 connectors with push-pull fast-locking system

M12 push-pull connectors lock into place conveniently and reliably simply by plugging them in. The fast-locking system allows easy and tool-free device connections, particularly in tight spaces and in applications with a high cabling density. The male and female versions allow you to connect sensors easily and to establish flying leads in the field. Moreover, the cross-manufacturer connection compatibility and easy device integration ensure superior availability anywhere in the world.

Cabling for special applications

Cabling ranges for special applications  

Cabling ranges for special applications

For demands that go beyond the classic specifications for industrial environments, Phoenix Contact offers a range of specially tailored product series.

Our special ranges are suitable for:

  • The product contact zone and the splash zone in the food industry
  • Outdoor applications such as construction machinery
  • Railway applications with specific fire and vibration requirements
  • Use in robots and drag chains
  • Power applications, even in space-sensitive areas



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Sensor/actuator cabling


Advanced Shielding Technology

Unique shielding concept for assembled connectors.

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