Termination board - IBS S5 100 CB-T - 2753698

Termination board for Siemens SIMATIC® S5 - 90/95 U and 100 U PLCs



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INTERBUS controller boards for Siemens SIMATIC compact controller
The compact SIMATIC S5 PLCs, S5 95U and S5 100U can be connected to INTERBUS using the IBS S5 100 CB-T controller board.
The connection between the controller board and the PLC is non-isolated and made using the familiar flat-ribbon cable.
The board together with the S5 95U and 100U PLCs are started up using "Plug and Play" technology. By switching on the power supply, the configuration of the INTERBUS system is read in, addressed by slot and the bus is started.
The space requirement is transmitted to the PLC and taken into consideration in the memory address space of the entire system. Up to 480 inputs and 496 outputs can be connected to INTERBUS in the word-oriented address area. The number of effectively useable addresses is a function of the control system (or CPU) and slot of the controller board.
All familiar commands can be used to access the data of the connected devices. The entire scope of languages and diagnostics of the PLC can be used.
The INTERBUS system is automatically monitored after startup. If an error occurs, the diagnostic data is displayed using the front plate and within the diagnostic register.
The INTERBUS system is monitored via a function register. Diagnostic and system functions (such as clear diagnostics display, acknowledge module error, check number of modules, start system) can be initiated by initializing an output.
The wide range of modules, easy startup and standard INTERBUS diagnostics provide you with practical and cost-effective complete solutions.

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Tilauskoodi 2753698
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GTIN 4017918099619
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Tullitariffinumero 85389091


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