I/O module - IB ST 24 PT100 4/4 - 2752767

INTERBUS-ST analog input module, 4 inputs, RTD, 2, 3 and 4-wire connection, IP20 protection, consisting of: Terminal part with screw connection and module electronics



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INTERBUS ST analog input modules for temperature and resistance measurement
These analog input modules are suitable for recording temperature signals.
Commercially available temperature measuring resistors or thermocouples can be connected.
In addition to the various types of sensors, different characteristics can also be programmed. Further features are:
- A new shielding concept for sensors makes it possible to meet more severe EMC requirements. For each input, there is a separate shield connection. External circuit elements are not necessary.
- Diagnostic LEDs provide information on the operating status at any time.
- All modules can be individually labeled on the large pull-out labeling field. The insert cards can be prepared by hand, or by plotter or printer.
- In the event of failure or malfunction, the electronics of the module can be easily replaced. The passive termination block remains mounted on the rail. This means that the replacement process can be carried out in a just a few seconds and without the need for tools.
- The fuses are accessible from outside, so that a fault can be cleared quickly.
- The connection to protective earth ground is made directly via the DIN rail.
- The conventional labeling materials (Zack strip ZB-6, etc.) can be used to label the termination blocks.


  • Temperature measurement modules
  • Standard signal types (voltage and current)

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Tilauskoodi 2752767
Pakkausyksikkö 1 pcs
Tuoteavain DRI343 -
Luettelosivu Sivu 251 (C_8_2013)
GTIN 4017918062736
Paino kappaletta kohti (pl. pakkaus) 540,000 GRM
Tullitariffinumero 85389091


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FI-01300 Vantaa
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