Repeater - PSM-ME-RS485/RS485-P - 2744429

Repeater, for potential separation and range increase in RS-485 2-wire bus systems, 3-way isolation, rail-mountable



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The performance and availability of bus systems can be significantly increased by using repeaters. In addition to electrical isolation, bus segmentation with repeaters makes it possible to multiply the permissible coverage of the network and to extend the number of devices.
The PSM-ME-RS485/RS485-P compact repeater is for universal use in RS-485 2-wire bus systems. The device supports bus systems that rely on the UART/NRZ data format with a character length of 10 or 11 bits.


  • Transmission speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps
  • Space-saving slim 22.5 mm device
  • High-quality 3-way isolation between all interfaces
  • Integrated, connectable termination resistors
  • All connections can be plugged in using a COMBICON screw terminal block
  • Shipbuilding approval in accordance with DNV GL
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Tilauskoodi 2744429
Pakkausyksikkö 1 pcs
Tuoteavain DNC111 -
Luettelosivu Sivu 423 (C_6_2019)
GTIN 4017918171797
Paino kappaletta kohti (pl. pakkaus) 188,800 GRM
Tullitariffinumero 85176200
Alkuperämaa DE (Saksa)


Niittytie 11
FI-01300 Vantaa
Contact Center:
+358 (0)9 3509 0290

Tekninen asiakaspalvelu:
+358 (0)9 3509 0260
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