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INTERBUS bus coupler, copper connection, 24 V DC, without accessories



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The INTERBUS bus terminal connects the terminals of an Inline station to the INTERBUS network. Either a copper or a fiber optic connection is used for connecting to the INTERBUS remote bus. Accordingly, the connection is made using an INTERBUS Inline shield plug (copper). The bus terminal performs the following functions within an Inline station:
- Updates the INTERBUS remote bus signals
- Disconnects the outgoing remote bus or the connected I/O modules via software commands
- Supplies the connected I/O modules using an integrated power supply unit
- Connects to the functional ground by snapping onto the DIN rail.
The Inline terminals can be marked using hinged marking fields. The fields have insert cards that can be marked individually according to the application. In addition, the ZB-FM-6- zack marker strip is available for marking the terminal points.
Note the following during configuration:
The total logic current of all the terminals connected to an Inline bus terminal must not exceed the permissible total current of 2 A. Depending on the station configuration, the number of terminals that can be connected may be less than 63.


  • Remote bus connections using copper technology
  • Electrical isolation

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