Termination board - IBS ISA RI/I-T - 2723071

Slave controller boards for the ISA bus, with copper connection



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INTERBUS slave controller boards for PCs
The slave controller board is an intelligent PC board that links the PC to any position in the INTERBUS system. For example, it is possible to implement high-performance visualization stations for access to data in the INTERBUS system and the controller from a fixed location.
Up to four boards can be installed simultaneously in one PC is required, making it possible to visualize or monitor several INTERBUS lines in one single PC. For autonomous operation when the PC is switched off, external power supply (5 V) is possible.
The number of data words that the slave controller boards occupy in the INTERBUS system can be set between one and sixteen. The interface cards provide a freely configurable fast I/O channel for selected time critical data and also support the INTERBUS parameter channel (PCP). PCP provides optional access to larger data blocks. The cyclical reading of the entire I/O image of the control system is an example application for PCP.
The functions of the driver interfaces are compatible to the functions of the INTERBUS PC controller boards of Generation 4, such as the IBS PC ISA SC/I-T board. The controller board can be programmed in a high-level language using the DDI interface. Drivers are available for Windows NT and DOS.
Data exchange via OPC is supported from version 2.0 of the OPC server (2729127 IBS OPC-Server).
A built-in power supply unit for the PC ISA slot (24 V IN/5 V OUT) IBS PC EXT PS/24DC/FIL can also be purchased as an accessory.

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