I/O module - IB ST 24 DO16R/S - 2721112

INTERBUS-ST digital output module, 16 relay N/O contact outputs, 3-wire connection method, IP20 protection, consisting of: Terminal part with screw connection and module electronics



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INTERBUS ST digital output modules for AC voltages
The digital INTERBUS output modules are designed for the connection of digital actuators, such as electromechanical valves, contactors or lamps.
In addition to the standard IB ST 24 BDO modules, the range is rounded off by modules with extended functionality.
The scope of functions provided by the standard models covers the majority of applications. On top of this, several modules provide additional electronic functions, such as:
- Output channels in up to four electrically isolated groups
- Separate electronic short-circuit protection for each output channel
- Higher output current
which are needed in individual applications.
All the typical advantages of INTERBUS-ST handling, such as multi-wire connection methods and plug-in electronics are provided by both product lines.


  • 16 relay outputs
  • Connection of actuators in 3-wire technology
  • Floating relay contacts
  • Diagnostic and status indicators

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Tilauskoodi 2721112
Pakkausyksikkö 1 pcs
Tuoteavain DRI333 -
GTIN 4017918132323
Paino kappaletta kohti (pl. pakkaus) 685,000 GRM
Tullitariffinumero 85389091


Niittytie 11
FI-01300 Vantaa
Contact Center:
+358 (0)9 3509 0290

Tekninen asiakaspalvelu:
+358 (0)9 3509 0260
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