Multiplexer - SD FLASH 512MB MODULAR MUX - 2701872

Two of these SD cards, with two ILC 131 ETHs and the individually required input and output terminals, form a multiplexer system that requires no programming. Easy configuration via a small number of wire jumpers. Wireless, Ethernet cable or network connection.



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The basic function of the SD FLASH 512MB MODULAR MUX is for those who wish to utilize the advantages of a flexible multiplexer solution without having to program controllers. To enable this, the minimum configuration with just a few wire jumpers is used. Standard components (2 x ILC 131 ETH; 2 x SD FLASH 512MB MODULAR MUX) are used for this, plus the necessary input and output terminals. Communication between the two multiplexer components (ILC 131 ETH) is then established fully automatically via an Ethernet cable or a transparent wireless transmission.

It is also possible to incorporate both multiplexers into one Ethernet. The required Ethernet configuration is implemented via the web interface of the ILC 131 ETH. This is easily done using a PC and a standard browser.

Note: Always perform the safety-related startup inhibit outside of the MODULAR MUX system using safety-related parts of the controller. When doing so, observe the relevant basic and proven safety principles

The following standard components are required:

2 x ILC 131 ETH (Order No. 2700973)
2 x SD FLASH 512MB MODULAR MUX (Order No. 2701872)

An Ethernet cable (wired communication) is required to connect the two systems.
The specified number of input and output terminals from the Inline Modular range from Phoenix Contact (marked with logo, see below) is also required.

All wireless systems that can transmit TCT/IP data transparently can be used to connect the ILC 131 ETH to a multiplexer system.
The following Phoenix Contact wireless products are suitable for this:

1 x FL BT EPA 2 (Order No. 1005869)
2 x FL EPA 2 (Order No. 1005955)
as well as WLAN Ethernet components in the FL WLAN 24 XX 802-11 series


  • Program and configuration memory, plug-in, with license key for function block libraries.
  • For storing application programs and other files in the file system of the PLC
  • License key for application program

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Tullitariffinumero 85235190
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