Power supply unit - QUINT-PS/2AC/1DC/24DC/20 - 2320830

Primary-switched DIN rail power supply unit. AC input: suitable for operation between two phases (400 V AC). DC input: suitable for operation in an FI intermediate circuit. Output: 24 V DC/20 A.


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QUINT POWER power supply units – Superior system availability with SFB technology
Compact power supply units of the new QUINT POWER generation maximize the availability of your system. With the SFB technology (Selective Fuse Breaking Technology), six times the nominal current for 12 ms, even the standard power circuit-breakers can now also be triggered reliably and quickly. Faulty current paths are switched off selectively, the fault is located and important system parts continue to operate. Comprehensive diagnostics are provided through constant monitoring of output voltage and current. This preventive function monitoring visualizes critical operating modes and reports them to the control unit before an error can occur.


  • Compact buffer solution
  • Fast tripping of standard circuit breakers
  • Preventive function monitoring
  • Reliable starting of difficult loads and easy system extension
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Tilauskoodi 2320830
Pakkausyksikkö 1 pcs
Tuoteavain CMPQ23 -
GTIN 4046356580915
Paino kappaletta kohti (pl. pakkaus) 2 000,000 GRM
Tullitariffinumero 85044030
Alkuperämaa CN (Kiina)


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