Multiplexer Ethernet HART - GW PL ETH/BASIC-BUS - 2702321

Stazione di testa Ethernet per gateway modulare con Modbus/TCP, HART IP, FDT/DTM. Supporta cinque moduli di espansione.



Dati tecnici




Descrizione prodotto

Ethernet HART multiplexer provides a simple way to parameterize and monitor HART instruments on an Ethernet network and is an ideal replacement for RS-485 HART multiplexer systems. The multiplexer allows users to perform time and money saving operations from the comfort of an office – including loop checks, device calibration, and improved process monitoring with multivariable devices.

I vantaggi

  • Range di temperatura esteso da -40  °C .... +70  °C
  • Monitor PV, SV, TV, QV HART variables using Modbus TCP.
  • Supports Arcom for simple integration into Emerson AMS.
  • Available communication DTM integrates into an FDT/DTM container and provides the ability to remotely configure HART instruments.
  • Independent HART master per channel ensures fastest update rates.
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Dati commerciali

Codice per l'ordinazione 2702321
Pezzi/conf. 1 Stk
Sales key DNC322 -
GTIN 4055626134390
Peso per pezzo (confezione esclusa) 217.000 GRM
Numero tariffa doganale 85176200
Paese di origine DE (Germania)


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CH-8317 Tagelswangen
+41 (0) 52 354 55 55
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