Connectique pour applications à LED – petite, blanche et rapide

Connectique pour applications à LED

Petits, blancs et rapides : votre solution innovante pour des circuits imprimés de LED rigides et souples.

New lighting concepts require innovative solutions. With the PTSM and PTF series, you can connect solid and flexible LED PCBs quickly and easily.

Your advantages

  • Specially developed for LED applications – thanks to their light-fast, white plastic and compact design
  • Universal connection solution – for flexible and solid LED PCBs
  • Time saving – thanks to easy and tool-free connection
  • Fast startup – thanks to pre-assembled PTF series supply element

Connection technology for flexible LED PCBs – PTF

PTF series  

PTF series

Butt connectors

  • Up to 10 A/25 V per plug
  • Form-fit connection with the PCB
  • For 8 mm PCBs
  • Pierce connection


  • Up to 10 A/25 V per plug
  • 2 or 4-pos. version with pre-assembled cables
  • Integrated locking mechanism

Connection technology for solid LED PCBs – PTSM

PTSM series  

PTSM series

PCB terminal blocks

  • 6 A/up to 320 V
  • Robust anchor metal
  • Fast push-in connection
  • Suitable for automated THR soldering processes
  • 5 mm design height

Plug-in connectors

  • 6 A/up to 320 V
  • Fast push-in connection
  • Inverted versions
  • Corresponding base strips suitable for automated THR soldering processes
  • 5 mm design height

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