PLC-Relay w ith PIT (Push-In Technology)

Wiring without tools

PLC PT relays, with push-in-termination technology, can be easily and quickly connected without specialized tools. They have a reliable, long lasting connection, ideal for high vibration applications.

Phoenix Contact introduces the new Push-In Technology (PT) connection method to its PLC-REL relay line.  Installation is now fast, easy and safe using the same connection technology recently introduced with the new PT line of terminal blocks.  The solid or stranded wire with ferrule can be effortlessly connected without a tool.  To remove the wire, just press the orange actuation button to release the spring with nearly any screwdriver, or even a pen.

Now offering the customer three connection technologies (screw, spring and PT) the PLC relay system offers customers a wide variety of interposing relays for the PLC connection with sensors and actuators.


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