Connect 32 points of Experion PKS, I/O in seconds

Connect 32 points of Experion PKS, I/O in seconds

Phoenix Contact’s connection kits for Experion PKS eliminates discrete wire termination between the IOTA and terminal blocks; which saves you time and money.

Phoenix Contact’s high speed cabling kits for Experion PKS reduce wiring between the IOTA and FTA’s to seconds. This means total panel fabrication can be done in a fraction of the time; which allows you to move onto the next project faster. Each IOTA wiring solution consists of an IOTA adapter that is used in place of the existing screw terminal blocks on the IOTA.

The adapter provides a D-Sub connector and eliminates the need for any discrete connections on the IOTA. In addition to the IOTA adapter, a field termination assembly (FTA) is also provided. FTA’s are available with simple, passive, feed-through connection, or with active components like fuses, relays and LED’s for local indication. These FTA’s take the place of traditional terminal blocks, and along with their D-Sub connector, totally eliminates any individual wire termination between the IOTA and FTA. Additionally, because of the D-Sub connectors and cable, the connection between the IOTA and FTA is “keyed;” thus eliminating wiring errors between the two.

Beside the cabling kit, all that’s needed to make the connection from the IOTA to the FTA is a simple D-Sub cable. Phoenix Contact offers a variety of standard lengths and can also provide additional lengths to suit any application.

Features and benefits

  • Eliminates discrete (hard-wiring) connections between the IOTA and field terminal assemblies (FTA’s)
  • Keyed connections eliminate wiring errors at IOTA and FTA
  • Pluggable connections allow connection of 32 I/O points in a matter of seconds
  • FTA’s available with passive, feed-through, connection and “active” versions that feature relays, fuses and signal indication.

Time study: connection kit installation for Experion PKS

Check out the huge time and space savings you’ll get, project after project, by incorporating Phoenix Contact’s high-speed connection kits in your next Experion PKS controlled project. Be sure to visit our website for product detail, drawings, and more information.

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