M23 PRO connectors that lock with ONECLICK technology

One size fits all

The M17-M40 PRO series is compatible with other quick-locking metric connectors, offering the highest availability worldwide. Connect your device quickly and safely with the uniform solution for signal and power transmission featuring ONECLICK fast-locking technology.

M17-M40 PRO series circular connectors - transmitting power and signals reliably

Benefit from an ultra-reliable solution with the unique ONECLICK fast-connection system providing a clear lock indicator. Experience the intuitive operation and modern design of the PRO connector with a connection that you can see, hear, and feel.

Product information

A wide range of pin assignments along with the continuous expansion of housing variants in sizes M17, M23, and M40 provide a new level of freedom in system design.

VoltagesUp to 630 V
Currents Up to 30 A
Number of positions 6 to 19
Degrees of protectionIP66, IP68
VariantsAvailable as pin and socket versions
Vibration resistanceMinimum 20 g
LockingONECLICK fast-locking system suitable for standard device connectors
CompatibilityBackward-compatible with standard connections of metric threads
Connection methodCrimp and solder connections for M23 circular connectors available upon request


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