Phoenix Contact’s mobile thermal transfer printer enables you to print labels in card and sheet format for a wide variety of devices and mark each in exactly the right spot.

THERMOMARK PRIME, our reliable mobile thermal transfer printer, enables you to mark terminal blocks, conductors, cables, devices, and systems precisely where you want to.  Card and sheet formats are available. THERMOMARK PRIME includes a rechargeable, high-performance battery and fully integrated marking software.  You’ll find that the printing system is perfect for stationary use, but is designed especially to give you print capabilities on-site.

Multi-touch display lets you enter print files directly

Use the interface to transmit printing projects prepared with the Clip Project marking software. An automatic material detection feature checks the components used in order to prevent printing errors. With over 600 labeling materials available, our thermal transfer printer offers maximum flexibility in how you select the right label for a variety of applications.

Accessories for easy transport of the printing system and its power supply make using the smallest card printer on the market quick and easy.  See for yourself!

Mobile Printing - Marking wherever you want

Mobile printing systems are used in various industrial areas such as control cabinet manufacturing, industrial assembly, facility management, maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) as well as in building installations. 

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