Efficient laser marker – Performance meets economy

Efficient laser marker – Performance meets economy

The TOPMARK NEO redefines laser marking with intuitive operation and easy-to-use integrated marking software.

Thanks to compact dimensions and easy operation via integrated HMI, the TOPMARK NEO enables efficient industrial identification of the highest quality. Its 20 W fiber laser processes more than 250 labels per minute.

Your advantages

  • Intuitive operation, thanks to integrated marking software
  • Avoidance of printing errors, thanks to automatic material identification
  • Wide range of materials, comprising stainless steel, aluminum, ABS, polyacrylics, and polycarbonate
  • Individual design, thanks to easy image file importing
  • Clear print image, thanks to high resolution (500 dpi)

Main features

  • Marking laser, class 1
  • Fiber laser, 20 W, 1064 nm
  • Ambient temperature: +5 °C … +35 °C
  • Easy importing of the following image formats: jpg, bmp, dxf, dwg, hpgl
  • Editable field: 180 mm x 180 mm
  • Processes LS material and UCT material


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Milton, Ontario L9T 5V7

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