Monitor your energy flow

Monitor your energy flow

EMpro energy monitors will track consumption at the machine or system level, allowing you to start reducing energy costs today.

The new family of EMpro energy monitors from Phoenix Contact provides valuable electrical data of your machines and systems. Receive the information locally — on the device — or communicated back to a central control center via an Ethernet, Modbus, RS485 or Profibus network.

The data provided by any of the EMpro monitors is vital in helping plant operators and facility managers handle their energy costs. By monitoring energy consumption, you will quickly realize which machines and/or systems are consuming the most energy and at what times. Armed with that information, you can more effectively implement steps to reduce those costs.

Simply put: reducing energy costs starts with understanding where energy is being wasted. The EMpro energy monitoring family helps you easily identify trouble spots.

Advantages at a glance

Easy device configuration  

Easy device configuration

  1. Customized scalability
    Using the plug-in function and communication modules, the EMpro energy monitors can be expanded at any time to include new functions. As a result, the EMpro device can grow as your requirements change; with no need to purchase a different monitoring module.
  2. Easy device configuration
    The choice is yours: Configure the EMpro monitoring devices in an operator-controlled manner on-site with the easy-to-navigate menu on each device or access the integrated web server through any PC.
  3. Direct access to measure values
    At the touch of a button, you can obtain the desired measured values in a self-prioritized manner. This enables a fast, on-site analysis of the system parameters. The user-friendly web server function can also be used to directly request measured values from a control center.
  4. Flexible network connection
    Using the communication modules, EMpro energy monitors can be flexibly integrated into network structures and field bus systems. In doing so, the measured values are also available for evaluation back at a control center.
  5. Integrate to help achieve ISO 50001
    Though this standard is not mandatory, many organizations are implementing the standards to reap the benefits inherent with ISO 50001. Energy monitoring devices like EMpro can be implemented in a number of capacities to help your organization get closer to meeting the ISO 50001 certification.


Which EMpro is right for you?

Download our brochure to view a table that shows the different performance characteristics of the four EMpro energy monitors. With the flexibility embedded in this product line, you can be confident there is an EMpro perfect for your application.


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