VIP-ER I/O-Marshalling for Foxboro

VIP I/O-Marshalling for the Foxboro Universal FBM 247

Unlock the full universe of your universal I/O

The introduction of universal I/O presents you with a new world of opportunity and advantages. With this evolution, though, traditional requirements and challenges remain; these challenges include safely marshalling signals, converting voltages, and executing simple loop checks. This is where VIP-ER I/O-Marshalling comes into play—an 8-channel marshalling base accepts individual components with integrated functionality like relays, fuse protection, and analog isolation, on a channel-by-channel basis. As a result, you can integrate fuse protection for an analog signal on one channel, while driving a 120 V load on the next channel.

Step 1 - Select VIP-ER base module


Only one VIP I/O-Marshalling base is required for each 8-channel Foxboro Universal FBM 247 I/O card. That single base accommodates all eight channels while providing the connection of 2-, 3-, and 4-wire field devices. Additionally, the VIP I/O-Marshalling base features two isolated power buses. Each power bus has a voltage range of 24 V to 230 V. The connection from the Foxboro Universal FBM 247 I/O card to the marshalling base is accomplished through a single, high-density connection cable available from Schneider Electric.

Step 2 - Select input/output accessories


A single input/output accessory (IOA) is inserted into each channel of the VIP I/O-Marshalling base. In turn, a total of eight IOAs are required for a single Foxboro Universal FBM 247 I/O card. Simply insert each IOA into the IOA guide located on the VIP I/O-Marshalling base. A variety of IOA functions are available and are selected based on the configured signal type.

Step 3 - Select cable to connect VIP-ER base module Foxboro Universal FBM 247 I/O card

The final step is connecting the populated VIP-ER base to the Foxboro Universal FBM 247 I/O card. A single, high-density cable is required for each 8-channel I/O card.

Step 4 - Connect your field devices

Wiring field devices to the VIP I/O-Marshalling base will vary based on the field device and the individual IOA. Download our wiring guide to assist you through those combinations.


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