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Alarm monitoring via text. Ideal replacement for auto-dialers.

Watch our video on how simple it is to configure the SMS Relay

Watch our video on how simple it is to configure the SMS Relay

Don’t waste time traveling to remote sites to check tank levels, pump status and other alarm conditions. SMS Relays simplify that process by sending data to operators and maintenance staff.  Text and email messages can be sent and acknowledged.  Up to six inputs can be monitored and four outputs are available to enable remote control.  Free software makes configuration simple.

The SMS Relay works on the GSM network, requiring only a texting plan.

Benefits of the RAD-SYS-NEMA4X-SMS (SMS Relay Box)

  • With 120 V power, wire I/O and simple configuration, your system is operational
  • Includes a 50 name phonebook
  • Up to five people can be notified on changes of input status, round robin, broadcast — acknowledgement possible


Description Language
SMS Relay Box (Complete Assembly) Data Sheet [PDF]
Gives a good overview of the assembly.
SMS Relay Box (Complete Assembly) User Manual [PDF]
Detailed instruction manual for the assembly.
SMS Relay (Component Only) Data Sheet [PDF]
Gives the basics of the heart of the assembly: the SMS Relay itself.


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