Power Transmission

Electric Power Transmission & Distribution

Maximum system availability is the foundation for your transmisson and distribution networks. Do you want to operate your networks even more safely and cost-effectively? Phoenix Contact offers extremely reliable product solutions that will do the job.


Terminal Bocks for Energy

When it comes to system reliability, Phoenix Contact is the best choice for terminal blocks.

Our products are designed to avoid corrosion, and to keep good contact even with high temperature variation.

The metal parts of the Phoenix Contact terminal blocks are made from high-grade, strain-crack, and corrosion-proof copper alloys as a standard feature. This eliminates the possibility of electrolytic corrosion in the presence of moisture and the risk of rusting. Phoenix Contact terminal blocks can operate in temperatures up to 130C and is certified for inflammability class V0, in accordance with UL94

We offer a complete product line of terminal blocks for the Power Transmission and Distribution, from the simple feed-through terminals for signals, to double screw terminals to connect CTs.

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UTME is a system for testing equipment. It includes short circuit bridges for CTs and disconnect switches.

This is the latest generation of test disconnect terminal blocks with screw connection:

  • Finger safe
  • 2 function shafts
  • Compact design
  • A wide range of accessories offer for current transformer measuring circuit






URK-ND 2 is a feed-through terminal with double screws, providing redundancy at the connection level for safety.

UK 10,3 HESI N



Fuse blocks from Phoenix Contact provide a wide range of current protection, and it can be easily installed on a DIN rail.

Screw Connection


UT Terminal Blocks

  • Nickel-Plated copper avoids corrosion
  • Maintenance free thanks to ‘Reakdyn principle’ screw locking
  • The multi-conductor connection offers maximum flexibility and wiring density


Power Supplies with Maximum Functionality

Power Supplies

In their search for the ideal power supply, our engineers are constantly developing new technologies. The final goal is always maximum availability for your plants and systems.

QUINT POWER supplies are very popular with Power Utilities to convert +125VDC to +48VDC. The input voltage range is 85 V AC ... 264 V AC or 90 - 350 Vdc.

There’s a wide range of output voltage and currents available.

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Uninterruptible power supply units

Uninterruptible power supply units

Phoenix Contact UPS provide a reliable source of energy when power goes out, allowing to operate remote equipment such as switches and control devices.

Our line of compact UPS include AC and DC options, and a wide range of batteries that meet your application requirements.

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Your advantages:

  • Compact System
  • DIN Rail mounted
  • Modular
  • Easy battery replacement
  • IQ Technology provides information on charge and battery status
  • Optimized charging based on temperature and load conditions

Ethernet Infrastructure for Electric Power Industry

Ethernet for Power Utilities


Data communications is a critical component of the reliability of Power Transmission and Distribution.

Depending on the installation location, extremely high environmental requirements must be met which are specified by International Standards. The new switches, media converters, and redundancy modules meet these requirements and ensure a high level of availability for the automation of energy systems.

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  • Can be used under the harshest electromagnetic, electrostatic, and climatic environmental conditions, thanks to IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 conformance
  • Reliable, error-free data transmission over long distances, thanks to fiber optic technology
  • Our wide range of products include Ethernet Switches for mounting on data communications racks as well as DIN rail mountable units
  • We also offer Fiber to copper media converters and network redundancy modules

Heavy Duty Connectors


HEAVYCON EVO metal connectors

Comprehensive protection! Applications in the Electric Power Industry  are frequently subjected to particularly harsh conditions where transmitted signals and data require to be protected against electromagnetic interference. With HEAVYCON EVO metal housings from Phoenix Contact, a cost-effective solution for these applications is now available.

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  • Safe and reliable use: the plastic and metal housing designs meet IP66 protection and are shock-proof up to IK09
  • Free choice of components, as HEAVYCON EVO can be combined with all standardized aluminum housings on the market
  • Easy handling: you can choose the cable outlet direction directly at the installation location
  • Reduced storage costs, thanks to the reduced number of parts, as the housing replaces eight conventional sleeve housings
  • Safe even in areas with more stringent requirements thanks to the use of the EMC housing

Surge Suppression
Power supply protection

Surge Protection

During a storm, power distribution cables can transmit the effect of a lightning strike inside of the control cabinet, damaging critical equipment.

To prevent damaging surges, Phoenix Contact developed a complete product line of surge suppression devices.

These products can be used for each wire that goes in or out of a cabinet, preventing damaging surges. Some customers connect surge suppression for their Voltage measurement inputs.

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  • Prevents destruction of equipment due to surges
  • Compact system
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Modular
  • Available for single or multiple phase


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