Heavycon EVO

Challenges met

Extreme temperatures, vibration, dust, humidity: HEAVYCON handles it all.

Simplify power, control, and data wiring with a single, always-reliable HEAVYCON connector.

Rectangular connectors from the HEAVYCON product range protect your electrical interfaces and ensure safe power transmission, even under the harshest conditions. They protect from dirt, water, vibration, and high mechanical strain and remain sealed with a minimum of IP65 to maximum of IP69K protection.

HEAVYCON proves to be reliable even when exposed to extremely harsh conditions and environments – major temperature fluctuations, aggressive substances, dirt, oil and water, vibrations, and UV rays.

Watch our rugged Heavycon EVO in action

Standard housings

The robust aluminum housings are a machine builder’s staple for plug-and-play connectivity of control and power lines. Sleeve housings have a single or double locking latch and threaded cable exits to support PG or metric cable glands, as well as adapters for NPT thread. Various supporting base elements—such as panel mount bases, surface mount bases, or coupling housings—are available from stock.  Mated connectors achieve IP65 up to IP69K protection.

Advance housings

Reduce parts and reduce cost.  With the Advance connector, the standard panel mounting base is replaced with small mounting flanges. The ADVANCE sleeve housing seals directly to the enclosure wall surface to achieve higher protection than the standard housings for IP67 or IP69K rating.  Housing materials in diecast aluminum, polyamide, or stainless steel can be selected, depending on environmental conditions.

EVO housings

Simplify installation and reduce parts inventory. The bayonet design of the EVO cable gland allows the outlet direction to be changed during assembly or final installation. This reduces the need to have a variety of housings on hand to support multiple outlet directions and cable diameters.

EVO housings in polyamide offer superior resistance to impact.  In high-vibration applications, they are a better solution over aluminum. EVO EMC housings are diecast aluminum and ensure reliable power and signal connections, even in areas near motors, encoders, or drives which emit electromechanical interference.

Both the polyamide and aluminum connectors achieve NEMA 4/4x/12 and IP66 protection.


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Heavy-duty plug connectors

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