Axiocontrol – future-oriented control technology

Axiocontrol – future-oriented control technology

Experience automation of the future: fast, robust, and easy.

The new Axiocontrol controller range is designed for maximum performance, easy handling, and use in harsh industrial environments. Together with the Axioline I/O system from Phoenix Contact, Axiocontrol offers maximum speed thanks to direct bus connection. Depending on the performance and scope of functions required, you can choose between AXC 1050 or AXC 3050.

  • Maximum flexibility in I/O connectivity – thanks to integrated local bus master, PROFINET, and Modbus/TCP
  • Particularly reliable – thanks to integrated uninterruptible power supply or storage of essential control data on a Flash card
  • Extremely robust – thanks to excellent EMC properties, shock-tested housing, and double latching on the DIN rail
  • Easy visualization – via the integrated web server
  • Versatile use, as all common IT protocols are supported
  • User-friendly installation and operation, thanks to the uniform design of all Axio components

Axiocontrol is fast

Fast – thanks to direct bus connection  

Fast – thanks to direct bus connection

Axiocontrol controllers are at their most impressive when used in conjunction with the Axioline I/O system.

Thanks to the direct connection, communication between the PLC and I/O system is lightning fast which means that they also provide control resources for systems of any size. Up to 63 Axioline I/O modules with a wide range of functions can be mounted side by side.

For particularly short response times, the AXC 3050 also offers counting functions and event tasks which are integrated directly in the hardware. All AXC controllers and the Axioline I/O system can be wired quickly and easily thanks to push-in connection technology.

Axiocontrol is robust

Robust – thanks to integrated UPS and sturdy housings  

Robust – thanks to integrated UPS and sturdy housings

The housing and electronics of the Axiocontrol series have been optimized specifically for use in harsh industrial environments. This means that Axiocontrol controllers are the ideal, reliable solution for applications subject to strong vibrations, extreme temperatures or electromagnetic interference.

Thanks to the integrated uninterruptible power supply in the AXC 1050, your automation is even safer, as you can send messages regarding a disturbance when required. The AXC 3050 protects your system processes by saving critical control data to a Flash card in the event of a voltage failure, thereby increasing system availability.

Axiocontrol is easy

Easy – thanks to easily accessible interfaces  

Easy – thanks to easily accessible interfaces

Automation with Axiocontrol is easy. From tool-free wiring of the PLC and I/O systems with push-in technology to intuitive programming with PC WORX software.

The USB connection of the AXC 3050 also enables easy data logging on exchangeable media and provides a convenient way to update firmware or control programs.

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