IT Automation

Data in demand

The ILC 100 series of PLCs is designed by Phoenix Contact to seamlessly manage today’s high demand for transferring data safely and securely.

Today’s automation systems require large amounts of data. This data can be generated by an automation system or created to direct a system on its current objectives. More and more, industrial systems need to have all of that information transferred between the corporate network and the automation network. The challenge is in transferring this data safely and securely.

To meet that challenge, Phoenix Contact has designed the ILC 100 series of PLCs to go beyond that of a normal controller. Our ILC 100 series performs standard control logic functions, communicates to HMIs and controls remote I/O. But these PLCs are capable of much more: communicate with network infrastructure, such as switches; interact with databases and augment all standard automation systems with an incredible degree of communication.

ILC 100 series features include:

  • Email and SMS texting
  • Integrated Ethernet communications
  • Industrial network protocols, such as Modbus, PROFINET and others
  • Database communication

IT Automation Case Studies

Find out below how IT Automation has already made a difference in today’s high tech automation environment.

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Phoenix Contact can provide a complete solution for water treatment plants, including remote connectivity, control, and data logging. See how Phoenix Contact’s IT automation was the ideal solution to automate a water control system.

Automated Measuring Systems

Automated Measuring Systems

The quick and easy data connectivity, as well as web based visualization, is an ideal combination for automated measuring services. See how a combination of controller, industrial PCs and connectivity saved a company space and improved data movement.

Ship Automation

Ship Automation

Simplifying software integration can be a key answer to many troubles. Lowering engineering costs, simplifying maintenance and automating the movement of data led one ship building company to use Phoenix Contact’s IT Automation controllers.

IT Automation Videos and Resources

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IT Automation

Worried about trying a new control system for the first time?
Don’t be! We make it easy.

Tutorial videos

We get it: sometimes it’s better to actually see a video, where everything is unified.  So, our entire “Getting Started” video series is now available on YouTube.

Helpful App notes

Want to synchronize the clock on one of our ILC controllers?
We have an app (note) for that—and it’s not alone!  We’ve developed many app notes to help get your application running!

Download the AX SW Suite

Download our programming suite—it’s free—and will enable you to program any ILC 100 class processor using PC WORX Express!

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AX SW Suite [ZIP, 1126.4 MB]
Download our programming suite—it’s free—and will enable you to program any ILC 100 class processor using PC WORX Express!
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