PLC Logic – The Smart Relay System

PLC Logic – The Smart Relay System

You’ll never say “dumb relay” again! Combine the advantages of plug-in relays with logic functions and intuitive software.

PLC Logic is a programmable relay micro controller that is ideally suited for small automation applications.  PLC Logic allows users to switch and control I/O signals using a single system.

The pluggable logic modules pair with our slim 6.2 mm electromechanical or solid state PLC relays to form a space-saving micro controller, measuring only 50 mm wide.  No additional space on the DIN rail is used because it is connected directly on to the PLC relays.  The relays are replaceable, which means there is no need to shut down the system and rewire between control and interface levels.

This smart-relay system allows users to process digital and analog input signals, as well as logic functions and timer modules.  The system can process from 16 to a maximum of 48 I/O signals, with two extension modules.  Each of the programmable I/O channels can be configured as inputs, two of which can be analog inputs (0 – 10 V), or outputs using our LOGIC+ programming software. Compared to conventional micro controllers, PLC Logic is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

PLC Logic, you’ll never say “Dumb Relay” again!

This video explains why these smart programmable relays were created and the problems they solve.  (You’ll never say “dumb relay” again!)  PLC Logic is perfect for automation applications.  Check it out!

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PLC Logic: System overview

Watch a brief overview of the complete PLC Logic System.  You’ll see how the modules connect to PLC Relays and how easy the drag-and-drop LOGIC+ software is.

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LOGIC+ software: First steps

See how simple it is to set up PLC Logic and LOGIC+ Software, this video details installation and device configuration.  LOGIC+ is easy drag-and-drop software.

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LOGIC+ software: Function overview

Watch an overview of the LOGIC+ software basics and learn about the software’s most important functions.

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LOGIC+ software: Sample project demonstration

Watch a step-by-step example of how to use LOGIC+ software to program PLC Logic utilizing a sample project.

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LOGIC+ software: Project simulation demonstration

This demonstration shows how to simulate the sample project and transfer it to the PLC Logic module.

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Description Language Updated
Installing and operating the PLC logic programmable logic relay system [PDF, 5.22 MB]
PLC Logic user manual
English 19.02.2015
Programmable logic relay system [PDF, 3.18 MB]
PLC Logic brochure
English 19.02.2015
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