Fundamental reliability starts with quality connections

It is often said that one should never overlook the basics. When it comes to electrical connections, it couldn’t be more true. Every wire in a control system has a purpose and every connection counts. Phoenix Contact is proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality power distribution solutions, all built around the industry’s most robust connection technologies.

Terminal blocks

For nearly 100 years, Phoenix Contact has been a leading global innovator and manufacturer of terminal block solutions. We are proud to offer a complete terminal block portfolio with virtually endless opportunities for customization.

Thanks to a selection of 5 available connection technologies, universal accessories, and a wide variety of sizes and terminal arrangements, the right terminal block is always available.

  • Modular terminal blocks – inventor and market leader of terminal block solutions
  • Push-in terminal (PT) – innovative technology now available in over 10,000 parts
  • High productivity – full line of marking solutions and simplified accessories for streamlined marking, planning, and installation

Modular power distribution

Power distribution with no bridging required. Prepackaged power distribution blocks with modular designs allow for a wide range of customization. PTFIX distribution blocks are offered in multiple sizes and configurations for DIN rail and direct mounting.

  • Ready-to-use blocks require no bridging

  • Available with or without feed-in terminal

  • DIN rail, direct, or adhesive mounting

Power distribution modules

Time is money – and multiple part numbers are a hassle. Simplify power distribution with power distribution modules. Power distribution modules are pre-packaged solutions designed to save space, time, and part number requirements, all while allowing you to be more productive and your connections to be more reliable.

  • Single part number solution
  • Distribute 2 potentials
  • 8-, 12-, 16-, and 24-circuit varieties


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