System reliability. User accountability. Process efficiency.

Just-in-time maintenance starts with machine health data. Energy efficiency improvement relies on identifying waste. But it is impossible to know what is happening or what can be improved in a machine if it is not being monitored. Basic monitoring provides a greater edge in maintaining an efficient, reliable system with minimal downtime.

Phoenix Contact’s energy monitoring products provide insight into your equipment’s state of health and power consumption trends, empowering you to make informed maintenance and operational decisions.

Voltage transducers

Voltage is a good indicator of overall power system health, as it touches every component in a system. But applying the incorrect voltage can result in severe equipment damage, improperly charged batteries, or even burned up electrical motors. Easily convert up to 660 V AC to standard analog signals with voltage transducers.


  • AC voltage transducers

  • DC voltage transducers

Current transducers

Current can be used to readily detect the health status of processes or individual pieces of equipment. As each end device is designed to consume a nominal amount of current, device failure can be detected preeminently by observing changes in current draw over time.

  • AC/DC current transducers - compact devices up to 55 A
  • AC current transducers – compact devices up to 16 A
  • Retrofit solutions for AC current – touch-safe Rogowski principle of operation

Energy meters

Within industrial systems, power consumption gives granular details that can be missed by monitoring voltage or current alone. Monitoring power can predict failures, and power thresholds can detect clogged filters, overloaded motors, and more.

  • Energy meters – measure, communicate and display AC energy data

Monitoring relays

Monitoring relays offer a unique packaged solution to protect against undesirable conditions. Sometimes, a simple threshold switch is all that is needed to protect against or detect an undesirable condition. Self-contained monitoring relays prevent spot heater and lighting failures, brown-out voltage damage, and ensure proper three-phase motor rotation.

  • Compact monitoring relays – monitor voltage, current, and phases (single phase & three phase systems)
  • Multi-function monitoring relays – monitor voltage, current, phases, temperature, level, power, and power-factor


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