Disinfection, softening, sludge water treatment

Disinfection, softening, sludge water treatment

For optimum water quality

Satisfy the high demands set for water quality with solutions from Phoenix Contact.

The aim of drinking water disinfection is to reliably remove bacteria and viruses. Chlorination has been tried and tested in drinking water treatment as a disinfection procedure and prevents recontamination in the pipe network.

Ensure reliable, uninterrupted operation of your system. To this end, Phoenix Contact offers products and solutions that satisfy legal requirements as well as the high demands set in terms of water quality.

Your advantages

  • Always keep an eye on your system, thanks to on-site visualization with integrated remote diagnostics
  • Reliable signal acquisition for decarbonization, thanks to uninterrupted operation, even in the event of power failure
  • Modular control solutions for reliable operation of chlorine dioxide processing plants

Integrated remote diagnostics in disinfection

Components for controlling the processing plant  

Control and visualization of the chlorinator

Legal provisions require the disinfection of drinking water, e.g., through the use of chlorine dioxide. Measured values, such as flow rate and residual chlorine, allow the chlorine dioxide processing plant to be controlled precisely.

The combination of modular control technology with integrated web visualization enables precise control with on-site operation.

Easy electrical isolation

Components for measuring current signals during operation  

Measurement of current signals during operation

Various procedures are used in decarbonization to reduce water hardness. To this end, electrical isolation must be implemented in all MCR control cabinets.

Solutions from Phoenix Contact ensure uninterrupted operation thanks to the current signals being measured during operation, without disconnecting the current loop.

Web-based on-site visualization

Screenshot of atvise® visualization software  

On-site visualization with atvise®

During sludge water treatment, the resulting backwash water is sedimented in the filtration stages.

Panel PCs with atvise® visualization software perform on-site visualization, thereby supporting maintenance personnel in day-to-day maintenance activities.

Solutions for chlorine dioxide processing plants

To ensure the correct dosing of chlorine dioxide, the processing plants require precise monitoring and volume regulation of the supply with carrier water at the injector.

The modular control technology from Phoenix Contact meets these requirements, thanks to intelligent PROFINET or PROFIBUS integration of the processing plant. Using on-site visualization, you can always keep an eye on your chlorinator.

Topology: solutions for chlorine dioxide processing plants

Control and monitor your chlorinator using control and visualization technology from Phoenix Contact


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