Remote control via the mobile network

Remote control via the mobile network

Global wireless

The global mobile network grants you access to your machines at any time and anywhere.

For the continuous acquisition of your process data, Phoenix Contact offers mobile network devices which support all carrier technologies, from SMS texts through to data communication via GPRS/EDGE (2G), UMTS/HSPA (3G), and LTE (4G). With the globally available mobile network, the devices become a reliable communicator, even in areas with a weak infrastructure.

The smallest remote stations and entire system parks, such as remote pumping stations, can be connected to the control center using methods spanning from SMS over remote control protocols at low-data rates to broadband VPN connection, depending on the communication requirements.

Your advantages

  • Can be used from any location, thanks to worldwide mobile network
  • Scalable by SMS messages via streamlined IP remote control protocols up to LTE broadband connection
  • Total network security, thanks to private APN, firewall, and VPN
  • Mobile router, with extended temperature range for all infrastructure applications
  • Compact mobile module, for economically connecting the smallest system parts

Broadband connection for distributed systems

Flexible Ethernet connectivity for any applications  

Flexible Ethernet connectivity for any applications

Mobile technology provides a secure communication solution for applications with a large data throughput. In an LTE network, monitoring images and server functions are made available to the control center from around the globe.

The routers with VPN functionality enable closed communication on the Internet. The data traffic can be transmitted directly to the control room via VPN. Thus, for example, it is possible to connect wind turbine generators via camera applications, or to connect to the network of a sewage treatment plant.

Event-controlled communication

SMS messages offer technicians and the control system access to the process  

SMS messages offer technicians and the control system access to the process

SMS technology is ideally suited for a low number of switching operations or a large number of different actuators. A remote process can be controlled via SMS commands with a pre-paid card without being bound to a contract.

Using the SMS version of the TC MOBILE I/O X200 remote control system, access controls can be implemented with an ordinary mobile phone by activating the door lock releasing system or systems can be reactivated in the event of an error. The I/Os of a controller can be connected via SMS or the VPN tunnel can be initialized on demand through the existing software interface of the mobile routers.

Private network via mobile communication

Secure remote communication via private APN  

Secure remote communication via private APN

Special security directives apply to critical applications, e.g. the distribution of water, gas, oil, and electricity. In such applications, communication via public networks is often completely prohibited.

Many providers offer SIM cards that use a private APN (Access Point Name). With this procedure, a private network can also be established via the mobile interface and a distributed LAN (Local Area Network) is created. As opposed to the public mobile network, fixed IP addresses can be used, allowing direct communication between the substations. When using this approach, an attempted Internet attack on critical applications is impossible.


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