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Monitor your applications continuously and increase your efficiency. With our solutions you can reliably and safely monitor your equipment even over large distances.


Monitoring your equipment in mining applications is essential for increasing productivity and turnover. Data on fill levels, the status of the equipment and position of vehicles should be available in real-time and monitored at a central location. The products used for this should be able to withstand the harsh ambient conditions in a mine.


With the help of our reliable Radioline wireless modules, the data on your equipment, such as the fill levels, statuses or positions, are acquired directly on site and transferred wirelessly to the control room via a compact controller that prepares the data for display. This ensures that you always have an overview of your applications.

Your advantages

  • Monitoring equipment even over large distances, thanks to wirelessly supported data acquisition
  • Fast reaction to unplanned failures and prevention of dangers and damage, thanks to the reliable and rapid supply of operating data
  • Simple and fast installation and startup, thanks to intuitively operated products and free software


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