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SFNB Unmanaged Switches

Two Unmanaged Switches in the SFNB range

The SFNB series of Unmanaged Switches is the entry level in our portfolio of Ethernet Switches. These switches are particularly suited for very simple automation applications where the demands in terms of temperature range, data throughput and functions are less rigorous.

Simply unpack, connect, and use


The FL SWITCH SFNB devices provide information on the connection status via status LEDs

The switches of the SFNB series are fully Plug and Play capable, and do not need to be configured. Users therefore find them easy to use and to install. Furthermore, status LEDs on the ports provide basic information on the connection statuses at a glance. An interrupted connection, e.g. due to a faulty cable, can therefore be quickly diagnosed.

Connection of end devices over long distances

Various FO cables  

Unmanaged Switches with FO connection for bridging large distances

Some versions of the SFNB switches have an integrated fiberglass connection. Therefore, depending on the model selected, multimode or single mode FO connections with a length of up to 25 km can be realized. Thus, an end device can be connected over a long distance to the network via fiberglass. Alternatively, the switch can also be installed as a decentralized network device. Several end devices can be connected to the remote network over a long distance using the remaining four copper ports.

Automatic transmission speed recognition

Thanks to auto-negotiation, the SFNB switches automatically recognize which transmission speed and which duplex procedure is necessary for communication with the connected network device. Manual configuration by the user is not required.

Overview of FL SWITCH SFNB

Transmission speed

10/100 Mbps

Power supply

24 V DC

Temperature range

-10°C … 60°C

Degree of protection


Special features




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