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SF and SFN Unmanaged Switches

The SF and SFN Unmanaged Switches for standard applications

The SF and SFN series of Unmanaged Switches are suitable for all applications in which standard functions such as the prioritization of data packets are necessary. The switches are highly flexible in terms of design, transmission speed and connection methods. Whether five or 16 ports, low or narrow profile, high or low data traffic volumes; the SF and SFN switches guarantee reliable communication for your network.

The right design for every application

SF and SFN Unmanaged Switches with low-profile and narrow design  

The SF Unmanaged Switches have a particularly low profile, and the SFN versions have a particularly narrow profile

The portfolio of the SF and SFN series of Unmanaged Switches brings together various designs to cater for the widest range of applications. The SF series switches can be installed in very flat control cabinets, thanks to their depth of just 30 mm. The SFN series versions, on the other hand, are suitable for applications requiring a narrow overall width. Optimized housing dimensions for the versions with five, eight or 16 ports ensure a compact solution for every requirement.

High data throughput

The SFN switch series includes Gigabit versions for applications involving rigorous data throughput demands. With these versions, Gigabit communication across up to 8 ports can be realized. If large transmission distances are to be realized, up to two multimode or single mode fiberglass connections can be established using the Gigabit SFN switches.

Use in simple PROFINET networks


The PN versions of the SFN Unmanaged Switches are suitable for use in PROFINET networks

Special SFN-PN versions are available for use in PROFINET networks. In addition to all SFN versions which support the prioritization of data packets via the Quality of Service function, the PN versions also incorporate the PTCP filter function. This ensures that the high-priority PROFINET data packets are prioritized, and the real-time characteristics of the PROFINET network are preserved.

Mechanical port locking

Unmanaged Switch with mechanically locked ports  

With this mechanical port locking, you avoid the unauthorized or accidental removal of the cable on the switch

The SFN series switches provide the option of locking individual ports. To do this, the FL PLUG GUARD security frames are simply pushed into the receptacles provided on the switch ports. They can be used as additional locking mechanisms for cables, or to block the respective port, if necessary, using a plastic cap.

Overview of FL SWITCH SF and SFN




Transmission speed

10/100 Mbps

10/100 Mbps

10/100/1000 Mbps/s (SFN GT versions)

Power supply

24 V DC

24 V DC

Temperature range

-10°C … 55°C

-10°C … 60°C

Degree of protectionIP20IP20
Special featuresNone


PTCP filter for PROFINET (PN versions only)




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