Sensor/actuator terminal blocks

Save space and time

Save space and time

Wire sensors and actuators completely with one terminal block.

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Thanks to their compact design, the sensor/actuator terminal blocks are tailored to the wiring of modern machine controllers. These terminal blocks of the same shape can be consistently bridged with the CLIPLINE complete plug-in bridge system and offer maximum flexibility.

Your advantages

  • A wide range of products thanks to versions with PE function or light indicator
  • Optimum overview of signal connections thanks to a variety of marking options
  • Modular expansion up to a maximum of 50 positions thanks to power terminal blocks of the same shape

Reduce wiring costs

Sensor/actuator terminal blocks  

Wire sensors and actuators while saving space

To reduce the number of cables used, choose sensor/actuator terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact. You can connect three- or four-wire sensors and actuators. You can also distribute the plus/minus potential with the jumpers and thus reduce wiring costs considerably.

In addition to the standard terminal blocks, we also offer versions with light indicators.


Three-conductor sensor/actuator terminal block  

Three-conductor sensor/actuator terminal block

Wire three- and four-conductor initiators and actuators while saving space and time – with sensor/actuator terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact.

Benefit from the advantages:

  • Potential supply via the STIO-IN power terminal blocks
  • Power supply or enhancement with power terminal blocks
  • Power terminal blocks can be used anywhere on the terminal strip
  • Easy bridging and potential distribution using the patented plug-in bridges from the CLIPLINE complete system


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