Routers and Layer 3 switches

Routers and Layer 3 switches

Router and switch in one

Layer 3 switches combine switch mechanisms at Layer 2 level and routing at Layer 3 level.

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You can use industrial routers and Layer 3 switches from Phoenix Contact to integrate machines, production systems or entire subnetworks into your higher-level company network.

Your advantages

  • Optimum network structure, thanks to segmentation via Layer 3 switches
  • Highly flexible connection of machines to the production network irrespective of the address range, thanks to various different NAT mechanisms
  • Redundant connection of systems with the same IP address ranges to higher-level networks
  • Connection of multiple subnetworks via various different types of media, thanks to Layer 3 function and wide range of media

NAT switches for integrating systems with the same IP address ranges

FL NAT 2000 switch  

The NAT switch combines NAT routing and switching in a single device

If identical machines are operated in parallel in a network, each machine must be configured individually. This is the only way to integrate them into the higher-level communication network. With NAT (Network Address Translation), you can operate entire production cells with the same IP address space – without having to configure the machines individually.

Our NAT switches combine the properties of a 2000 series Managed Switch with those of a highly flexible NAT router – in a single DIN rail device.

Segmentation via Layer 3 switches

The GHS Modular Managed Switch  

The Layer 3 GHS switch enables flexible automation and routing with a wide range of media

Design extensive and complex networks by means of network segmentation. Thanks to VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), the modular Layer 3 GHS switch can be used for redundant routing between various subnetworks, ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication. The Gigabit switch supports routing to all ports and, thanks to its modular design, satisfies the port requirements of industrial applications. As such, port-specific routing can be operated up to 28 times. Furthermore, the Ethernet switch supports many protocols and standards.


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