PROFINET technology components

PROFINET technology components

Quick and easy connection

Tried-and-tested technology for integrating PROFINET into your automation devices and solutions.

Use technology components from Phoenix Contact to implement your PROFINET interfaces. Here you will find high-performance Device interfaces as well as complex PROFINET Controller Interfaces, PROFINET Profile, PROFIsafe, and PROFIdrive.

Your advantages

  • Easy implementation – immediately executable on the supported operating systems
  • Fast certification for your device thanks to pre-certified software
  • High performance and stability thanks to Conformance Class C and netload class 3
  • Comprehensive service and competent support from our PROFINET experts

PROFINET communication stacks for immediate use

PROFINET stack image  

PROFINET SDK, the optimum implementation of PROFINET

Phoenix Contact offers Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) for many CPU architectures and realtime operating systems. The stacks are available in the form of an object library and, for Windows, as a Dynamic Link Library (DLL). This is compiled and linked for specific combinations of CPUs, operating systems, and compilers.

You can thus save valuable time in regard to the integration and certification of your PROFINET interface.

TPS-1 – the complete PROFINET Device interface in one ASIC


Single-chip Device interface for PROFINET

The PROFINET Device Chip TPS-1 reduces implementation effort to an absolute minimum.

You get a flexible and highly integrated PROFINET interface as a single-chip solution at the price of a fieldbus interface.

With the TPS-1 Development Toolkit, Phoenix Contact provides you with a complete set of software tools for the TPS-1. The TPS-1 Development Toolkit consists of various components; including the PROFINET protocol stack of the TPS-1.

Software download

The button below will direct you to the download area for the PROFINET TPS-1 Development Toolkit.

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