Optical elements

Considerable signal diversity

Considerable signal diversity

Various colors, various signal types – the right signal whatever your application.

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Are you looking for the ideal optical signaling solution for machine and system status indicators? Phoenix Contact offers five different colors with up to five different signal types per color – up to 1200 combinations to choose from.

Your advantages

  • Any signaling task can be performed, thanks to considerable signal diversity
  • The optical elements can be arranged in any order, thanks to the modular design
  • Long service life, thanks to LED elements with low current consumption

Long service life, thanks to LED technology

Optical elements from Phoenix Contact use future-oriented LED technology.

  • Long service life of up to 100,000 hours
  • Low energy consumption
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations

Unmissable – thanks to random flashing light

Particular situations require specific signals. In many applications, light signals must under no circumstances be overlooked. LED elements with random flashing light are therefore the ideal, highly visible solution.

  • Irregular light pulses
  • Instant awareness even from the corner of your eye
  • No familiarization effect due to the random light signals

Seven signals in one element

If you have less space, display up to seven different machine states with just one multicolor element. The multicolor permanent light flashes red, green, blue, white, violet, and turquoise as required.

  • Less space required
  • Lower stock inventory costs
  • Reduces digital output for controlling a signal light column
  • No need to retrofit optical elements when adding signal colors


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