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Safety for every I/O system

Integrate functional safety into your existing network easily and reliably.

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Our product range comprises safe I/O terminals for easy, central integration of safety functions into compact machines. With the safe I/O modules featuring proven SafetyBridge Technology, on the other hand, you can implement complex, distributed safety solutions. The safe I/O modules can be operated in mixed networks such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET on one controller.

Your advantages

  • Cost-effective system configuration, because safety PLCs and safe fieldbus systems are not required
  • Flexible use, thanks to compatibility with all common bus systems
  • Easy configuration with the SAFECONF software
  • Safe data transmission via wireless systems and to the cloud

Safe I/O modules for Axioline F

Safe I/Os for Axioline F  

Safe I/Os for the Axioline F I/O system

Axioline F is the I/O system with a block-based modular design. Thanks to its particularly short response times, Axioline F is ideal for fast and synchronous processes.

With the safe I/O modules featuring SafetyBridge Technology, you can implement secure, distributed communication without safe PLCs.

In PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks, the PROFIsafe modules are used to acquire and issue safety-related signals.

Safe I/O terminals for Inline

Safe I/Os for Inline  

Safe I/Os for the Inline I/O system

Inline is the flexible all-rounder designed down to the last detail. You can design your automation functions tailored specifically to your requirements from a wide range of I/O modules and function terminals for all popular fieldbus systems and Ethernet networks.

With Inline, the choice is yours: implement the simplest solutions for functional safety with the Inline ECO Safe terminal or complex, decentral safety solutions with SafetyBridge Technology or PROFIsafe.


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