Inline-bus couplers

Inline-bus couplers

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Integrate the Inline I/O system into all common networks.

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Thanks to the free choice of bus coupler, the Inline I/O system can be integrated into all common fieldbus systems and Ethernet networks. Depending on the bus coupler, you can connect up to 63 I/O terminals (up to 16 PCP devices).

Your advantages

  • Maximum flexibility in your station structure thanks to compatibility with all common bus systems and network protocols
  • Save space in the control cabinet thanks to the compact design of the new BK housing
  • Cost-effective station configuration thanks to a selection of bus couplers with integrated I/Os for machines and systems with a small number of signals

Variety of network connections

The Inline bus couplers are the link between the Inline system and the higher-level network. Bus couplers are available for the following communication protocols:

Networks for Inline bus couplers

Inline bus couplers (CANopen® and PROFIBUS)


  • Integrated termination resistor can be switched on or off via DIP switch
  • Compatible with SafetyBridge Technology


  • Up to 63 additional Inline devices can be connected
  • Compact housing


  • With integrated digital inputs/outputs
  • Reservation of I/O memory area for future expansions possible (no hardware required)


  • With integrated digital inputs/outputs
  • Web-based management (WBM)


  • Remote bus connections using fiber optic or copper technology
  • Connection with Inline connector or D-SUB (applies to copper versions)
  • With integrated digital inputs/outputs
  • Web-based management (WBM)
  • With integrated digital inputs/outputs
  • DP/V1 for class 1 and class 2 masters
  • With integrated digital inputs/outputs
  • With either RJ45 or SC-RJ connection


  • With integrated digital inputs/outputs
  • Supports Sercos according to specification V1.1.2

Compact, modern design

Inline bus coupler with a 40 mm housing  

Inline bus coupler with a 40 mm housing

One of the most compact bus couplers on the market – with a width of 40 mm – saves space in the control cabinet. The new form factor was designed for the CANopen® and EtherCAT® protocols. Naturally, the new products also support technologies such as SafetyBridge V3.


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