Hybrid terminal blocks

Hybrid terminal blocks

Two in one

One terminal block – two connection methods. Benefit from the advantages of both technologies.

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Combine the connection technologies and benefit from the individual advantages for the control cabinet and field connection: with hybrid terminal blocks from Phoenix Contact.

Your advantages

  • Meet requirements for internal and external wiring at the same time, thanks to different connection methods in a single terminal block
  • Free choice of connection technology thanks to combination options
  • Space-saving thanks to the compact design
  • Application-compatible design thanks to feed-through and protective conductor terminal blocks of the same size
  • Easy and safe operation thanks to clear indication of switching states
  • Reduction of logistics costs with the uniform CLIPLINE complete system accessories

Terminal block for control cabinet engineering

Clever combination with hybrid terminal blocks  

Hybrid terminal blocks – a clever combination

Do you want to use different connection technologies for the inside and outside of your control cabinet? Our hybrid terminal blocks represent an interesting and practical solution to your requirements.

Simply select the appropriate combination
with push-in connection and screw connection.

Test disconnect terminal blocks

Hybrid test disconnect terminal blocks  

Hybrid test disconnect terminal blocks

Test disconnect terminal blocks offer a high degree of convenience for all the necessary test circuits in secondary current transformer circuits. Make use of the connection technology combination options: push-in for connection inside the control cabinet and the universal screw connection for external converter connection.

① KSSI... insulated short-circuit plug.
② PSBJ 6-T... test socket
③ SCBI 10-8,15... isolator bridge bar
④ KSS... short-circuit plug


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