Device management and parameterization

Optimally set

Optimally set

Keep your devices up-to-date and parameterize intelligent devices, sensors, and actuators quickly and efficiently.

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Central and manufacturer-independent device parameterization is a crucial advantage in complex automation systems. Using software tools from Phoenix Contact for device parameterization, you can easily set sensors and actuators conveniently and centrally, for example. Is a new device firmware version available? Update your devices to the latest version and benefit from new functions.

Your advantages

  • User-friendly device parameterization – irrespective of the bus protocol
  • Connection of device tools via standardized interfaces such as FDT and TCI
  • Parameterization via generic or device-specific user interfaces, thanks to FDT/DTM concept
  • Safe startup, for example, due to wiring tests for I/O stations
  • Easy device replacement, thanks to central storage of parameters
  • Easy integration of functional safety – using software for I/O modules with SafetyBridge technology
  • Update device firmware even via the network

Software tools for fast parameterization

Software for device parameterization  

Software for device parameterization

Phoenix Contact offers various software tools for device parameterization – you'll always find the right solution whatever your requirements.

An FDT-based software tool which offers a platform for user interfaces of various devices. From AutomationXplorer+ you can parameterize sensors, actuators or devices irrespective of the manufacturer – even beyond network boundaries.

The software is specifically designed for the Axioline I/O system. Startup+ can be used, for example, to test the wiring of your Axioline station, without having to connect it to a network.

Software for managing routers with integrated firewall. As a user, you can configure and manage up to several thousand routers using a template mechanism.

The safety software for functional safety. SAFECONF can be used to configure TRISAFE or SafetyBridge modules. By means of drag & drop, create a safety system that is tailored to your requirements.  

PC Worx Firmware Updater
The PC Worx Firmware Updater is used to update your devices to the latest version. Up-to-date firmware can eliminate errors or provide new functions. The software already supports a wide range of devices and is being developed for further device ranges.


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