Axioline P – Modular proxy

Axioline P modular proxy


Reliable and secure for high system availability.

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PROFINET combines the advantages of PROFIBUS with modern Ethernet technology. The Axioline P modular proxy connects PROFIBUS PA segments directly to a PROFINET network. Various redundancy mechanisms ensure a high degree of reliability. Increase your system availability and make your system fit for the future.

Your advantages

  • PROFINET redundancy (S2, R1, and R2) as well as redundant power supply for each PROFIBUS PA segment increase system availability
  • Direct connection of PROFIBUS PA devices to PROFINET saves time and additional interfaces
  • Efficient modernization of systems and the combination of proven fieldbus technology with today's and tomorrow's digitalization
  • Simplified device management of the proxy station and of the connected PROFIBUS PA devices, thanks to FDT/DTM technology
  • The Axioline P modular proxy is part of the COMPLETE line system

Axioline P – Components of the modular proxy

The interaction of the various innovative components enables a modular structure, thereby providing a future-proof solution for a wide range of system models.

Components of the modular proxy

High system availability, thanks to support of PROFINET system redundancy S2, R1, and R2


Fast connection of PROFIBUS PA segments, thanks to Push-in connection technology


Redundant fieldbus power supply modules for supplying PROFIBUS PA segments


Robust mechanical design – increased system availability, thanks to the particularly robust mechanical design as well as shock and vibration resistance


Corresponding shield set for the easy connection of shielded cables

Cost-effective system modernization

Integration of sensors at the modular proxy  

Up to eight PROFIBUS PA segments per station and integration of old sensors, such as HART or Modbus/RTU

The modular station communicates with a PROFINET controller, e.g., a distributed control system (DCS), via a bus coupler. As an option, you can connect up to eight PROFIBUS PA segments to the individual proxy outlets in a compact way. To ensure the individual segments are immune to interference, appropriate shield connection technology is available.

PROFIBUS PA sensors are connected directly to the modular Axioline P proxy.

Proven fieldbus technology, such as HART or Modbus/RTU, can therefore be integrated into PROFINET networks. This is done using PROFIBUS PA gateways that are connected to the modular Axioline P proxy.

PROFINET redundancy

PROFINET redundancy model  

PROFINET S2 system redundancy

The AXL P BK PN AF PROFINET bus coupler supports the specification for the implementation of S2 system redundancy using a single bus coupler. Two bus couplers are required in order to satisfy PROFINET system redundancy R1 and R2. The hot-swap capability integrated in the bus coupler ensures high system availability.

Power supply redundancy

Model for power supply redundancy  

Two power supplies per PROFIBUS PA segment

You can supply the PROFIBUS PA segment with power using a single fieldbus power supply module.

High failsafe performance and process reliability can be achieved by installing two power supply modules in a single base and thus supplying a PROFIBUS PA segment redundantly. The local LED indicator on the power supply module provides the status of the module and redundancy.


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