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Calculating the required connected load

Calculation examples

The solar systems can be used in a wide range of applications worldwide – they are specifically designed to supply industrial wireless systems (e.g., RAD Line, GSM modems). Since the intensity of sunlight varies considerably, the connected loads will also vary.

Requirements for correct operation:

  • Installation in a location that receives unobstructed sunlight all year round
  • Optimum tilt angle
  • Optimum alignment of the solar panel

RAD-SOL-SET-24-100 solar systems

The connected load is calculated from the current consumption of the wireless module used and the 24 V system voltage.

Example 1: 
Receiver for the UD system (e.g., RAD-ISM-2400-SET-UD-ANT)54 mA
Current loop+ 20 mA
Two digital outputs+ 5 mA
System reserve+ 20 mA
Maximum connected load for continuous operation= 99 mA x 24 V = 2.38 W
Example 2: 
Transmitter for the UD system (e.g., RAD-ISM-2400-SET-UD-ANT)18 mA
Current loop+ 20 mA
Two digital inputs+ 2.5 mA
25% system reserve+ 10 mA
Maximum connected load for continuous operation= 50.5 mA x 24 V = 1.2 W


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