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Controller - AXC CLOUD-PRO - 2402985

Axiocontrol for communicating with the PROFICLOUD. For controlling Axioline I/Os directly. With 2 Ethernet interfaces and programming capabilities according to IEC 61131-3. Complete with connector plug and marking field.

Cloud coupler - CLOUD COUPLER-PRO - 2402990

Cloud coupler to connect the local PROFINET network to the PROFICLOUD, which enables the user to access PROFICLOUD services.

Software - CLOUD SDK4J - 2404475

The software development kit for JAVA enables you to freely program individual cloud services.

Cloud service - CLOUD SERVICE/SYSTEMCOUPLER - 2404449

License for using a system coupler in the PROFICLOUD. The virtual system coupler connects two PROFINET networks.

Cloud service - CLOUD SERVICE/WEATHER - 2403325

License for using meteorological information in the PROFICLOUD.

Cloud service - CLOUD SERVICE/CALC - 2403326

License for performing calculations in the PROFICLOUD.

6 Results


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