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Ambient temperature (operation)

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    Ambient temperature (operation)

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Programming language

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Engineering tool

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Set consists of

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    Set consists of

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Controller - AXC F 2152 - 2404267

PLCnext Control for the direct control of Axioline F I/Os. With two Ethernet interfaces. Complete with connector and bus base module.

Controller - AXC 3050 - 2700989

Axiocontrol for the direct control of Axioline F I/Os. With 3 Ethernet interfaces for the additional connection of distributed I/Os via PROFINET, Modbus TCP or TCP/IP. Programming according to IEC 61131-3. Includes connector plug and marking field.

Controller - AXC 1050 - 2700988

Axio control for direct open-loop control of Axioline I/Os. With 2 Ethernet interfaces and programming capabilities according to IEC 61131-3. Complete with connector connector and labeling field.

Controller - AXC 1050 XC - 2701295

Axiocontrol for the direct control of Axioline I/Os. With 2 Ethernet interfaces, extended temperature range, and programming options according to IEC 61131-3. Complete with connector connector and marking field.

Starter kit - AXC 1050 PN STARTERKIT - 2400361

AXC 1050 PN starter kit including AXC 1050 controller, AXL F BK PN bus coupler, AXL F DI/DO 16 I/O modules, power supply, PC Worx software with quick start guide, and additional accessories

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