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Tool - SF-CCK 9 - 1212525

Control cabinet keys made of metal for all the usual closures: Two-way key bit 3-5 mm, square 5,6,7-8,9-10 mm, triangle 7,8-9,10-11 mm, special 6 mm

Control cabinet key - USS 4 - 1203149

Control cabinet key, metal, for all common types of control cabinet

Torque screwdriver - TSD-M 6NM - 1212226

Torque screw driver, accuracy as per EN ISO 6789 standard, adjustable from 3 ‐ 6 Nm

Screw insert - SF-BIT-PHSL 2-70 - 1212601

Screw bit, positive/negative PH/bladed, E6.3-1/4" drive, size: PH 2 x 70 mm, hardened, suitable for holder according to DIN 3126-F6.3/ISO 1174

Screw plug - AE LO CP SQ 8MM - 0899511

Screw plug, For polyester enclosure with door, 8 mm square bit, color: beige

Screw plug - AE LOS CP SQ 8MM - 0899517

Screw plug, For polyester enclosure with door, 8 mm square bit, length: 42 mm, diameter: 16.8 mm, color: beige

6 Results


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